"The Wannabes" starring Savvy

Meet the Cast

Played by Savvy Artist – Andrew Bowen Stern


Played by Savvy Artist – Andrew Bowen Stern – Follow on Twitter @TheAndrewStern

What’s up, everybody? I’m Andrew. I’m the wild and crazy one of The Wannabes who’s here for the ride. I’m like, “whatever, it’s cool.” My big ideas might make me look a little bananas, but I’m just trying to keep it loose and make everyone laugh.

Played by Savvy Artist – Gabrielle “Gigi” LeMaire


Played by Savvy Artist – Gabrielle “Gigi” LeMaire – Follow on Twitter @GigiLeMaire

Hey, I’m Sarah. I’m the glue of the group. In fact, it was my idea to start The Wannabes in the first place but now I just try to keep us together, which is no easy task. If I’m not shopping at the mall or working with my dad at his sweet shop, I’m in ballet class perfecting my craft.

Played by Savvy Artist – Drew Reinartz


Played by Savvy Artist РDrew Reinartz - Follow on Twitter @itzDrewReinartz

Hey, Ladies. I’m Drew, the ladies man of the crew. And in case you didn’t recognize I am the most handsome guy in the group. Well at least I think so. Me and my boys, Andrew and Alan are in this group called The Wannabes with these other three girls Sarah, Mariah, and Shaylen, but someday we’re going to do our thing.

Played by Savvy Artist – Shaylen Carroll


Played by Savvy Artist – Shaylen Carroll – Follow on Twitter – @Shaylen_Carroll

I’m Shaylen. I’m a little goofy and sarcastic and that’s the way I like it. Who doesn’t like to have fun? But performing with The Wannabes is the best. School may not be easy for me, but I’m going to tough it out and with my friends by my side, I’m sure to make it through.

Played by Savvy Artist – Alan Shaw


Played by Savvy Artist – Alan Shaw – Follow on Twitter – @iAmAlanShaw

What’s up? Alan here. I’m the smooth guy of The Wannabes. And just because I’m a classically trained pianist doesn’t mean I don’t love hip hop. I’ve got style, I’ve got moves and oh yeah, I’ve always got the hook up.

Played by Mariah Parks


Played by Mariah Parks

Hi, everyone. I’m Mariah. And I’m always on a mission, whether it’s to save the world or to save my friends from themselves. Sure I want to be successful, but who wants success without friends, right? And what better friends than The Wannabes? So watch out, because The Wannabes are gonna be!

Played by Stephen Scott


Played by Stephen Scott

I am the proud owner of Moody’s Sweet Shop. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, we’ll knock it out. We also have a little group called The Wannabes performing every now and then dressed in outrageous costumes to promote my latest creations. They get to sing and dance and I get to teach them life lessons to get them ready for stardom.

Played by David LaDuca


Played by David LaDuca

I’m the guy you don’t want to bump in to. I’m Mr. Pesckow, principal and headmaster of the prestigious Highlands Academy of the Arts. I noticed five of my wayward freshmen did not appreciate the fine arts and only wanted to be pop stars. I only have one word for them: Detention!