"The Wannabes" starring Savvy

Welcome to the official website of the “The Wannabes”!

Welcome to the Official Website of “The Wannabes” – a television show starring the members of the teenage pop group “Savvy”!

The series, created by Doreen Spicer-Dannelly, follows a group of teens who wanna be pop stars even if it means dressing up like fruit and rocking out in a local café. The series begins as five freshman teens attend an arts academy boarding school where they assume they’d learn to become pop stars, but unfortunately not. The stuffy academy only teaches the classics: ballet, instrumental music, and Shakespeare. After a contemporary singing battle in the student lounge, the five teens are given one week of punishment to work at a local café, for free!

Fortunately for them, the daughter of the café owner shares the same hopes of becoming a pop star. She coaxes her dad into letting her and the academy students rock out at the café, but the café owner gets his own ideas. He has them dress in fruit costumes to promote his latest smoothie creations. Fruit costumes and all, the band is a hit. The owner will allow them to rock out every week but the kids bargain to dress in their own disguises. It’s a deal. Our wannabe pop stars (Alan, Andrew, Drew, Mariah, Sarah & Shaylen) are on their way, until they get caught, that is.

The series will follow these wannabes as they learn to tolerate, but appreciate their high school career and really enjoy their secret life as pop stars. See how funny things can get as the six students try to climb their way to the top of the pop charts. Hiding their identity from their strict principal won’t be easy but they’ll do anything to keep singing and dancing the way they like it—Savvy style!

The Wannabes are played by the actual pop recording group, Savvy, formed in 2004. Since then they have all had intensive training in singing, dancing and acting. Savvy has performed over 400 live concerts from coast-to-coast in the United States, including headlining the Radio Disney’s “Feeling Groovy” tour. Watch at the end of each show to see part of Savvy’s music video created for the show.


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